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Pure Himalayan Origin

Pride of Himalaya delivers the highest grade of pure teas & herbs from the quiet foothills of Himalaya of Kumaon and Garhwal. Where water from mountain absorbs more minerals from rocks. Far from pollutants here, Himalaya's air is in its pure and fresh form. Soil at high altitude is rich in nutrients. Purest form of air water and soil brings out the purest form of teas & herbs. We manufacture our teas & herbs in Pithoragarh known for the exquisite natural beauty of Himalaya.

Image by Raimond Klavins

Empowering The Farmers

Farmers are the Backbone of PRIDE OF HIMALAYA. We start from basic, i.e. we provide Quality Seeds. Farmers are much aware of traditional farming techniques that uses no machinery or pesticides or chemical. Traditional blending methods with hard human efforts deliver the fine taste & aroma in our teas & herbs.

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"For you, I came down from the Mighty Mountains of Himalaya.
There I grew up in the Lap of The Purest form of the Soil, Water & the Air.
This Imbibed Purity makes all of my Offering Natural & Organic.
Enjoy the Taste of Pure Air, Water & the Soil of Himalaya"



Our Unique Selling Point

Tea Pickers
  • We start from the basics, i.e. we provide high  quality seeds to farmers and have full control  over the cultivation of the herbs.

  • Farmers at the hills are very much aware about the traditional farming techniques that uses no pesticides and chemicals during  cultivation of the teas and herbs.

  • No machinery is used during the entire  cultivation. 

  • We are at the HIMALAYAN HILLS where you  find the purest form of:-  

  • WATER :- water from the mountains contains  high minerals content than surface water (lakes  and rivers) as it picks up minerals from rocks  and other elements.

Water Lake Landscape
Mountain Landscape
  • AIR:- the fresh winds from the Himalayas  provides their own freshness into the herbs and  the storms provide energy in it.

  • SOIL:- Soil at the high altitude is rich in nutrients, which increases the medicinal value  of the herb.

Garden Soil

Our Promise

Farmers are our Partners

We know every Farmer personally & we work directly with them.

Direct from Himalayan

Tea & Herbs are sourced directly from Himalayan Ranges & Himalayan Farmers & further crafted & blended by us.

Pure, Healthy, Tasty & Organic Products

We promise to source responsibility & get you pure nutrition rich regional herbs with great taste & aroma along with various medicinal values.